Benefits of US H 1B visa holders | US President Donald Trump

Benefits of US H 1B visa holders | US President Donald Trump

Benefits of US H 1B visa holders | US President Donald Trump

Benefits of US H 1B visa holders | US President Donald Trump.

The United States has decided to loosen some restrictions on H 1B visas.

Washington: America has decided to ease some of its restrictions on H-1B visas. The Donald Trump government has said changes to the rules will allow visa holders to come to the US in select cases.

This decision in the US benefits the visa restriction, especially for those who have left. US State Department H 1B Visa holders will be allowed to return to work if they wish to continue their employment with the same company they are affiliated with before the sanctions are announced. In addition to such tenants, their dependents (spouse and children) are also allowed to travel to the United States.

"H-1B visa holders who wish to continue their US tour will continue their current employment with the same employer, in the same position and with the same visa classification," the Foreign Ministry adviser said.

The Trump administration has allowed technicians, top-level managers and other workers with H-1B visas to travel, and their journey is essential to improving the financial position of the United States. The government has determined that such visa holders will be allowed to come to the US to look into the COVID epidemic and reduce the effects of the epidemic, or to conduct ongoing medical research in areas where there are insufficient public health benefits. Along with this, you will have the opportunity to work as a public health or health professional or researcher.

Travel is permitted on the basis of the request of a US government agency or agency to meet US foreign policy objectives/agreements or treaty obligations, according to the ministry. Is it the Department of Defense or any other U.S. government? It is described as a government agency associated with designated personnel, conducting research, providing IT support/services, or any other type of project required by a US government agency.

On June 22, US President Donald Trump announced his suspension of H1-B visas this year. Trump's decision was viewed as a setback, especially for India. This is because Indian IT professionals work there on a large scale.

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