Apple iPhone, How to Install Apple IOS 14?

Apple iPhone, How to Install Apple IOS 14?

Apple iPhone, How to Install Apple IOS 14?

Apple iPhone, How to Install Apple IOS 14?

The Popular Apple company recently unveiled the iOS 14 operating system that supports the iPhone and iPad. Apple's new iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 were previously only available to beta version users. But now iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 are available to other iPhone device users.

iPhone users should know a few things before downloading the new iOS 14. You should note that iOS 14 will be available for iPhone 6S and later. And iPad Mini 4 and later devices support. So let us see how to download iOS 14.

Follow this step to download iOS 14

Step 1: Open Safari on your iPhone and visit Apple's beta program page

Step 2: Tap on the sign-up option and sign in using your Apple ID and accept the terms and conditions of the beta programs

Step 3: Make sure you have backed up the device data, now tap on “Download Profile” and follow the procedure as asked. Step

Step 4: Go to Settings> General> Software Update and download the beta profile.

Read on to see what the new features in iOS 14 look like Altered Home Screen.

Apple's new iOS 14 has replaced the home screen look of iPhones. The widgets are resized. Also includes the option to pin widgets.

The Library of OP

This OS provides an application library that acts as a group of similar apps on the phone. AI is used for the collection of suggestions and recently added apps. The apps search process will be easier.

Pitcher to Pitcher

The pip feature is now widely used on smartphones as well. The system includes the ability to play video games without having to open a separate app to open video links. You can watch the video in a small window right in the app where the link is.

Translate OP

Apple also includes the iOS 14 Translate App feature, which enables easy translation while offline. Apple Quick Translate is similar to Google Translate and Microsoft Translate.

iMessage OP

Apple iOS 14 includes the iMessage app with an advanced and full update. This app includes an updated memo, a change in group dialogue, and dynamic logo options.


Apple has introduced the new iOS IOS 14 OS Digital Car Key. This has made a lot of improvements to the Cara Play. With the NFC technology, the car can be locked and unlocked using the iPhone. also read this: Instagram new features

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